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Our process is quite simple, Step 1 is a free 20 minute budget analysis to determine the scale of the project, Step 2 we provide a detailed set of blueprints documententing every component and placement within the project. Step 3 we begin.


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Henry T. Johnson

Henry T. Johnson

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Founder of Digital Home LLC

Personal Experience
Smart Enough to Do it, Dumb Enough to Try. This has been the driving force behind Digital Home for the past 20 years.

As a child, I have always been an audio-visual hobbyist. I have always loved the background instruments and going to live concerts at Madison Square Garden and Randall Island. I first articulated this statement while building two audio equipment racks in my new home. A friendly chat with a neighbor sparked the birth of our business and our commitment to providing awesome audio and visual experiences like no other.

What began as a quest for personal fulfillment, ignited by reading articles showcasing beautiful audio and home theater systems, turned into a full-fledged enterprise. I have owned several businesses in the past but never planned to start this business. However,  my passion for the perfect home system attracted a clientele who shared the same passion. And when opportunity knocked in the form of a music industry neighbor's request, I responded with a resounding "yes."

From then on, I became the "AV Henry" similar to the av guy from the show 'Entourage.' I was the go-to expert for high-end audio and video systems, always keeping my finger on the pulse of industry trends. But more importantly, we set a precedence of treating each client and employee like family - a tradition we proudly uphold today.

Fast forward two decades, Digital Home continues to design and install cutting-edge systems for a niche market of homeowners who appreciate the artistry of high-end audio and video systems. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our entrepreneurial spirit, remains the backbone of our success.

"Smart Enough to Do it, Dumb Enough to Try." This belief encapsulates our journey, ethos, and promise to our clients. After all, we embarked on this journey not because it was easy but because we believed it was possible. And 20 years later, we're still proving that we're smart enough to do it and still 'dumb' enough to keep pushing the boundaries.

Welcome to Digital Home, where passion drives innovation.