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Full Home Automation

Digital Home puts you in complete command of video, audio, energy, and thermostats in your home. And you can retain the same level of control from half a world away using any iOS device.

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Home Theatre

Digital Home brings the ultimate theatre experience into your home. We use best-in-the-industry components to help ensure consistently high-quality sound reproduction in almost any listening room.


Easily control and dim all of your home’s energy-e cient LED lighting. Digital Home truly sets the bar for whole-home lighting and automation. Each keypad pairs beautiful form with innovative function, ensuring that your living spaces will look just the way you dream — elegant, sophisticated, and always well-lit.

Media Room

As the modern living space plays host to new technologies, it demands an entertainment system that is woven into the fabric of the home. The speakers should disappear amidst the furniture and fixtures, yet maintain functionality, aesthetic appeal, and—most of all—performance.

Outdoor Lighting

Bring the comforts of inside your home...outside. Audio, visual, and lighting can be seamlessly integrated in your backyard. Creating areas outside your home to enjoy by yourself or with loved ones adds to the livable square footage of your property. Deciding to add landscape lighting to your home is an investment in pleasure, safety, and curb appeal.

Our fixtures feature a built-in adjustment giving you perfect control over the light.

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