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Home Theaters of Instagram E-Book

A guide to designing the perfect home theater

Why we're doing this

Here at Digital Home we have been building home theaters for 18 years. In that time we only did design and installation work. The problem is that cut off a large percentage of people that we know wanted home theaters. What about the DIY people? What about the people that wanted professional install but wanted to make sure they were educated before calling in a pro?

We want to help them.

So we decided it was time to pull back the curtain. In our 18 years working we have learned a ton about the process of building home theaters and honestly some of those lessons were expensive! We are writing the book we wish we had when we got started. We want to help you avoid the expensive mistakes we made and only enjoy the beautiful spaces we now create.

If this of interest to you, we are giving away the first chapter today. We want people to read it and start their learning right now.

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